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Juris Suite Updates and Versions

Functional Area Description Tracking Number
Version 2.6

Released 8.2.2013

For details on the issues addressed in Juris Suite 2.6, please see the product Release Notes.


Version 2.5 SP2

Released 8.21.2012

For details on the issues addressed in Juris Suite 2.5 Service Pack 2, please see the product Release Notes.


Version 2.5 SP1

Released 10.05.2011

For details on the issues addressed in Juris Suite 2.5 Service Pack 1, please see the product Release Notes.


Version 2.5

Released 06.24.2011

Collections Module



  • Tools and reports to help firm collections managers track the status and history of collections by Client and Matter

Terminal Services


  • Juris can be run as a thin-client application in a Microsoft Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services) environment.

Microsoft Outlook


  • Juris financial reports can be sent through Microsoft Outlook 2010.



  • A link within Juris opens an online session with Customer Support.
Version 2.4

Released 08.02.2010

Expense Entry
  • Enhancement - Allow expense entries to be split among matters
Time/Expense Entry
  • Enhancement - adding the ability to delegate an approver
Time/Expense Entry
  • Enhancement - customers will now be able to increase the font size in the narrative field
Time/Expense Entry
  • Addressed issue with cursor returning to the beginning of the narrative during synch
Time/Expense Entry
  • Addressed issue with print report to show the hours worked
Time/Expense Entry
  • Addressed issue to retain edits if you close JurisSuite while you are on the entry.
Time/Expense Entry
  • After entering a client or matter code, backspace now removes only the last digit entered.
Time/Expense Entry
  • Improved the message that is returned if you enter letters into the budget phase field and then save.
Time/Expense Entry
  • Canceling spell check by clicking the X or Cancel button now stops the spell check.
Time/Expense Entry
  • Lookups - Addressed issue so that Favorite Items can move up and down. This happens with Clients/matters, expense codes, task codes, timekeepers, activity codes and text codes
Time/Expense Entry
  • Improved the message received when recalling an entry that is in a read only state
Time/Expense Entry
  • Addressed issue so that Ctrl C and Ctrl V will work in the grid and the editor.
Time/Expense Entry
  • Spell Check - Addressed issue of some words containing an apostrophe showing as mis-spelled
Time/Expense Entry
  • Addressed issue when opening a new entry from the ribbon and refreshing removes the entry
Time/Expense Entry
  • Performance improvements made to increase moving from row to row
Time/Expense Entry
  • Addressed DevExpress issue with Tablet PCs
Client/Matter Lookups
  • Addressed client/matter lookup issues
2628/2599/ 2476/2424/ 2513/2475/ 2287
  • When creating a new filter, the filter name now shows only once
Rule Designer
  • Scope is now imported with a rule
Client/Matter Inquiry
  • Field Permissions- add a save button to ensure changes get saved
Client/Matter Inquiry
  • Addressed issue of auto size of rows
Conflict Inquiry
  • Addressed issue so that all returned conflict items are highlighted in yellow
  • Addressed issue to retain collapse options
  • Addressed issue of chart info data display when hours are 0.00 OR the worked and to bill are not equal
  • Addressed issue of getting a blank screen when clicking on New Layout
  • Addressed issue with heat map to display weeks
  • Addressed issue of removal of chart information options when fields are removed
  • Enhancement - ability to create new user defined spreads
Client Matter Budget
  • Addressed issue of error message that occurs when not specifying a matter upon creating a client matter budget
Client Matter Budget
  • Addressed issue with the budget year drop down to show the entire year
Client Matter Budget
  • Addressed issue with the addition of new rows
  • Addressed allowing a payroll budget to be imported as a G/L budget
  • Custom budgets- removing the 'Custom Budgets' option
Client Matter Budget
  • Addressed issue of not able to see a new phase when adding to an existing budget unless the budget is closed first
G/L Budget
  • Actuals now are not imported unless they are check marked to import
Business Intelligence
  • Enhancement - rapid access data, which is storing of dashboard data so that after the initial loading, increased performance will be seen with each subsequent loading of dashboard data.
  • Juris Analytics- Addressed issue with Average Billing Cycle drill downs linking
  • Addressed issued of error message received when creating an alert from the Missing Time template
  • Addressed issue of error message received when changing a metric name
  • Addressed issue of error message received after deleting a custom metric
My Reports
  • Cash Receipt Summary- Addressed issue of including trust applied receipts
  • Addressed issue of error message received when printing time entry edit report if the report contains multiple entries
Report Administration
  • Enhancement - ability to assign reports to multiple users at a time
  • Masked snap-ins if there is no permission to use them
Version 2.35 SP1

Released 10.12.2009

Time/Expense Entry
  • Corrected the lag time that occurs when typing fast in the narrative by adding a spell check button.
Time Entry
  • Corrected the issue where if using a timer and clicking the 'refresh' button, the timer would stop and reset to 0.00.
Expense Entry
  • Corrected issue with error message received if using a filter set up for a matter code.
Time/Expense Entry
  • Corrected issue with the recall of entries created prior to JurisSuite 2.35 taking a considerable amount of time.
Juris Suite
  • Corrected the issue where importing a G/L budget does not populate the correct fields
  • Changed the default value on the Budgeted Value to not be null thus no longer getting a query failure.
  • Corrected the issue in G/L budgets where if you have more than one sub account, the account number was not being displayed properly.
  • Corrected the issue in Client/Matter budget where an error is received when applying the balance.
  • Corrected the issue of importing a G/L budget and receiving an error message.
  • Corrected the issue when importing a G/L budget and the account number is not showing correctly.
  • Corrected the issue of exporting a G/L budget, make changes, import back in and the budget amount changes to 0.
  • Corrected the issue of G/L budgets no properly adding the account numbers when sub-accounts are used.
Reports/Reports Designer
  • Corrected the issue of the field list being empty.
2502, 2484
  • Added a command timeout line to correct the issue of conflict searches timing out. Please contact Juris support on how to facilitate this correction.

Version 2.35

Released 07.15.2009

  • Corrected problem when two people try to record the same entry.
  • Corrected problem with time/expense entry narratives disappearing under certain circumstances.
  • Corrected problem with entries not being saved when toggling between the editor and the grid.
  • Corrected the application data path in the mercury.exe.config file so that it reads correctly.





Juris Suite
  • Improved Performance in the loading of Favorites, Distributions and Teams.
2346, 2397

Version 2.0.2406(b)/Released 01.21.2008

Version 2.0.2406/Released 10.22.2008

Deployment Manager

* Denotes 2406b

  • * Display SQL Server version Information. 
  • * Validation of selected license file and AI usage.
  • * We have made Deployment Manager more intuitive using a step by step approach providing more control for your deployments including:
    • Deploy All
    • Deploy Database
    • Deploy Files
  • * Removed the Start All Juris Services deployment step.
  • Faster and easier updates – Download only files that have changed.
  • Automated Processes – Ability to include backups of your database. Juris Suite services are automatically stopped and restarted.
  • Citrix Environment Installation Simplified – Provide the profile path for user settings. Simple and easy to use with lockable settings to keep your install standards accurate.
  • Simplified Interface – We have made Deployment Manager more intuitive using a step by step approach providing more control over your deployments.
Cache Builder
  • For use with large databases.
  • Ability to export Cache from any Client PC.
  • Importing a saved cache saves time rather than building from new.
MyJuris 2.0
  • Trend Chart functionality back into the Calendar.
  • Added Categories of 'Active Timekeepers', 'Active Users' and 'All' when defining Teams and Groups.
  • Integration with Juris Suite 
  • Modern and intuitive interface utilizing categorized tool ribbons for quick and efficient use.
  • Permission and Security settings are now completed within Juris Suite.
Version 2.0.2404

Released 08.04.2008

  Juris Suite 2.0 brings several enhancements to help you more easily manage your practice. Juris Suite 2.0 offers practical yet powerful tools and allows you to customize metrics and build robust dashboards with drag and drop functionality. This release includes the following enhancements and additions:  
MyJuris 2.0

Integration with Juris Suite

  • Modern and intuitive interface utilizing categorized tool ribbons for quick and efficient use.
  • Permission and Security settings are now completed within Juris Suite.

Client Matter Inquiry

  • Field-level access security-Hide information for certain users performing inquiry.
  • New pivot grid capability. Allows the user to group and sum data for a given inquiry result set.
  • Ability to generate data for a given client across all matters.
  • View note-card attachments from Juris.

Conflict Inquiry

  • New style on the HTML results that are produced.
  • Ability to edit the pattern name in-place.


  • Enhanced performance. Result of a new grid and changes to cache.

Simplified filters interface

  • Easier look and feel.
  • Ability to publish filters to other users.


  • Ability to select a given month and year.
  • Eliminated the summary information and trend chart at the bottom of the form (because its information is viewable in Summary).

Ability to enter split expenses

Splits-Improved split entries

  • Two new options for split entries to help control remainders.
  • Rounding Factor .01 - .5
  • Force Allocation.
  • Display of Original Entry % quickly shows the effective percentage split.

Attachments to time entries

  • Attachments available offline.
  • One button scanning of attachments.


  • Improved formatting-No more scroll bars. Everything works off of a single page to fit your screen.
  • Users can easily drag and drop items onto their layout.
  • Export layouts for others to import.
  • Easily move items such as graphs.
  • Drill down from graphs and layout items for greater detail.
  • Assign date range to an entire layout. For example view by day, week, MTD, YTD or fiscal year. Previously limited to 3 months.
  • Add tabs to each layout item. In the same layout out a user can add depth for multiple items.
Business Intelligence

Visual Alert Builder

  • Allows a user to graphically build an alert using a “flow chart” method.
  • Replaces “Simple Alerts” tab.
  • Advanced tab has been renamed to Code Designer.

New Dashboard Designer

  • Drag and drop items onto the dashboard page.
  • Overview provides a “bird’s eye” view of the Snap To Grid.
  • Change the size of visuals by dragging corners or sides.


  • Revised Metric Menu.
  • Standard user and custom metrics are now available in single tree menu.
  • Metrics property menu moved to the top of the screen.
Budgeting and Forecasting

GL Budgets Account Number Upgrade

  • Account number is now a separate field from GL account name.

Updated Import / Export

  • Import and Export with a separate GL Number.
  • When importing GL budget from Excel, the Budgeting module will be able to bring the GL Account information, and sys number if its present in the Excel sheet.

Start and End Date for CM Phase

  • Users can enter start and end dates on Client/Matter Phase budgets.

Edit and delete CM Phase

  • With proper permissions, users can Edit and Delete a CM Phase.

Permissions Upgrade

  • Permissions can be set for Editing, Viewing and deleting for each budget type.
  • Permissions can be set to manage Payroll.
  • Permission can be set to view archived budgets.

Archive Budgets

  • Ability to archive old budgets and separate them from main menu.

Add Previous Actuals Variance

  • A new column added to the budget editor that allows users to compare previous period actuals to the current budget.

Add views and payroll reports

  • Added support for AI Core Report writing.
  • Several standard Budget reports are now included.

New warning message on delete

  • A safeguard warns the user before deleting budget.


  • Users can custom print budgets using the extensive Print Preview features.
  • Users can select what columns to print. Multiple print formats including, .PDF, CSV and Excel.
Version 1.2

Released :05.25.2007

  • Enhanced Dashboard Performance – Clients can now implement more complex dashboards without sacrificing performance.
  • Metric Wizard –With the metric wizard users can pull data from an existing query then either sum, average, find min/max or count rows. Those metrics can then be used to create simple alerts.
  • Report Content –With every update to the Juris Suite and Active Information the latest report content is automatically inserted into the database. Updates include new reports and updates to existing report content.
  • Metric Content-Similar to reports this update also include the latest updates to metric. Particularly the ability to modify return types as currency, percentage, etc.


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